My Airbrush Equipment: Sparmax SK-55 Kit

Time to learn how to use it.

I bought my first Airbrush Set in April 2017. Its a Sparmax SK-55 Kit wich includes an AC-55 Compressor and a DH-3 Double Action Pistol with a 0,3 mm nozzle. At 129 € it was one of the cheapest sets out there but perfect for a beginner like me. The DH-3 Pistol is easy too clean and good for brushing bigger parts and bigger Camo. I really like the DH-3 because my hands are pretty big and it nice to handle. Last month i bought a Sogolee AB200 Double Action Pistol with a smaller 0,2 mm nozzle. Its good for finer Details and smaller Camo, but its harder too clean as the DH-3. Also its a little fineky to adjust and doesn´t lay as good in my hand as the DH-3. But for 49 €, i think i got a nice Airbrush Pistol. All my models are painted with Revell Aqua colours wich are 50/50 mixed with thinner.




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